My name is Maja Brexel and

I speak with animals.

For my ability I am named The real Dr. Dolittle.

The animals speak to me about their feelings and problems, experiences, dreams and wishes, what they like, about their emotions, about their fears and worries, what they would like to have, what they would like to have different, they answer the questions you have and give valuable information, for example, why they ‘misbehave’ in certain situations and what’s the cause of it, ….

A conversation with Animals.

Do you want to know what your animal has to say?


All species of Animals.

From all over the world!

The animals express themselves. You will be amazed.

They get the help and support they need, want and most certainly deserve.

The animals and their owners, riders, trainers, carers, handlers…

benefit from these sessions.

A unique opportunity to talk with the animal.

YOU get the opportunity to get a talk with YOUR ANIMAL!

And as I use Quantum Hypnosis, you do not have to bring the animal to me.

Yes, you read that correctly!

The animals are never present at the sessions!


That means, that wherever you are in this world,

YOU CAN use this unique Animal Service!

‘Our Animals and Pets, our Life- and Work-and Sports Companions.’

‘Our best friends.’

The animal has NOW the unique opportunity to make YOU understand, tell it’s story, give a message, give valuable feedback and important information for you.

Do you have a problem with your animal? Does the animal show unwanted behaviour?

The Trigger of this unwanted behaviour is a negative emotion. Lonely, sad, full of fear, … That is what the animal feels and lives every day and expresses these emotions in the most different ways. From the well known exessive vocalisation, like the ever barking dog, up to dangerous and life threatening ways. 

It is not by choice that the dog is constantly barking.  The Trigger, the negative emotion makes the dog do it. This is not a choice made by the animal. Fact is; The Animal is constantly suffering through these negative emotions.

In using different Techniques of the Quantum Animal Hypnosis the animal is freed in these sessions from these horrible emotions and the effects it had on the animal, to allow the Animal to give away its suffering.

Read here a part of the testimonial from a client, who came with a serious problem she had with her animal:

My cat Tisha attacked me and we had just moved from the buzzing Capital Mexico City, to the Costa Blanca, a very quiet place in Spain. I urgently needed help and luckely

I got to know about The real Dr. Dolittle.

The sessions were such pleasant experiences, since I now know many things to improve my treatment with my kitten, and make her feel more comfortable, happier and more confident with me.

After the hypnosis, I have noticed that Tisha is calmer, she is no longer aggressive with me, she is more loving, and I feel that she is more comfortable and happy with me and with her new home.


Does your animal show any unwanted behaviour?

Does your animal show a change of eating,  sleeping or behavioural pattern?

What is your concern?

Do you have a problem with your animal? You need a solution.

Let Dr. Dolittle talk with your animal.

Do you have questions for your animal?

What answers to you want to have?

What do you want to know from your animal?

Get all the answers!

Read here a part of the transcript from a dog named Sam, an old companion.

Fullfilling his wish.

Hello Sam. Hello. How are you today? OK. I am old. How old are you? 14 15 16 Who lives with you together? A nice man. How do you call the nice Mann? Daddy. Is there anything he can do to make your life more beautiful. No. He is amazing. Your Dad asked me to let you know that he loves you very much.

I love him too!

That was the most important that he wanted you to know.

I Know That!

What is going on with you on the food side? Yes, I am a bit chubby and can eat all the time. Are you enjoying your food? Yes. What is your favourite food? I eat all. All is delicious what I get. Is there anything what you would like to have to eat? Leberwurst!  (liver pâté!)


Through Quantum Animal Hypnosis a verbal conversation with an animal is NOW an existing reality.

The sessions with The real Dr. Dolittle offer you so many possibilities, benefiting you and your animal and pet in all different areas.

Do you want to take your training to a different level?

You can!

Do you want to imprint with your animal?

You can!

Do you want to tune your sports animal? Make yourself a WINNER!

You can!

And so much more!


all the benefits and advantages you have, when you let your animal have these sessions!

A conversation with

Dr. Dolittle

For the information about my method and techniques, all offers, and your possibility to

book your appointment NOW, click here:


Increasing the quality of life for our animals, in all aspects.

Greetings Dr. h.c. Maja Brexel

www. The real Dr. Dolittle .com